Management Team

Deepak Massand Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Deepak Massand

Deepak founded Litéra® in 2001 and has led the company to its current status as the global leader in content lifecycle and risk management.

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Karen Massand Board of Directors

Karen Massand

Karen is a co-founder and board member of Litéra.

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Paul Domnick President

Paul Domnick

Paul is the President of Litéra and serves on the board of directors

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Norm Thomas Chief Commercial Officer

Norm Thomas

Norm is the Chief Commercial Officer for Litéra®, responsible for the continued growth of the company through corporate sales.

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Raina Massand Vice President of Business Development

Raina Massand

Raina Massand is a co-founder of Litéra® and currently serves on the board of the company.

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Joy Heath Rush Vice President of Client Development

Joy Heath Rush

Joy is the VP of Client Development for Litéra®, she is responsible for the continued growth of the company through direct legal sales.

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Sherry Kappel Chief Consiliaria

Sherry Kappel

Sherry serves as Chief Consiliaria at Litéra, a role that has her leading and overseeing all global consulting efforts at the company.

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Susan Lewenz Chief Information Officer

Susan Lewenz

As CIO, Susan oversees all research and development, customer satisfaction operations at Litéra.

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Stu Gauffreau General Counsel and Director of Business Affairs

Stu Gauffreau

Stu is responsible for all legal matters at Litéra® and also has a management role with the company’s back-office business functions.

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Rich Powers Dir. of Western Region Sales and Channel Management

Rich Powers

Rich is responsible for serving and expanding Litéra’s legal and corporate customer base in the western U.S. through direct and indirect sales strategies.

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Rich Glikin Director of Client Development Northeast Region

Rich Glikin

Rich is responsible for serving and expanding Litéra®’s legal and corporate customer base in the northeastern United States.

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Liza Madden Central Region Director of Client Development

Liza Madden

Liza joins Litéra as the Central Region Director of Client Development, with over twenty-five years of experience serving the technology needs of law firms and corporate legal departments.

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Donovan Alexander Director of Sales Engineering

Donovan Alexander

Donovan has been an integral part of Litéra® for the past 6 years. As Director of Sales Engineering, Alexander’s responsibilities encompass all discussions centering around the technical engineering of Litéra products and team members' abilities to communicate Litéra's value proposition to customers, prospects, and strategic partners.

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Chuck Henrich Director of Product Management

Chuck Henrich

Chuck brings 30 years of experience developing and supporting productivity-enhancing software products and solutions to his role as as director of product management.

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