Litéra SmartSend

Outlook is probably where you spend most of your computing day. Although Outlook is incredibly powerful, it can also be frustrating and – at times – dangerous. And many times, you have to leave Outlook to perform critical email functions!
Litéra SmartSend™ is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that eliminates the workflow interruptions by allowing users to manage attachments, including:
  • Rename and reorder attachments
  • Bind/Zip
  • Convert to PDF
SmartSend helps reduce the risk of sensitive information being accidentally sent to unintended recipients by automatically:
  • Alerting users when they are replying when BCC’d
  • Limiting “Reply All”
  • Preventing incorrectly auto-completed e-mail addresses
  • Alerting users to long threads that may have risky content buried inside
  • Stamping attorney-client privileged communications
SmartSend also works synergistically and seamlessly with Litéra’s other mail flow intersecting capabilities such as metadata removal, content comparison, large file transfer, and additional security features. This supports central policies, streamlines user workflow and secures every company’s most valuable asset - its information.
Attachment Managing
  • Rename files that you pull from your disk drive or DMS before sending as an attachment
  • Re-arrange multiple files into any order that you like
  • Bind and/or zip all of your attachments or only specific ones together into one named binder/ZIP file
  • Convert all of your attachments or only specific ones into PDFs
  • Clean the metadata off all of your attachments or only specific ones 

Email Controls
  • Blind Carbon Copy - Notifies you before you reply all or forward an email where you were Blind Carbon Copied
  • Reply All - Disable the ability to reply all or set a threshhold where reply all is not allowed
  • Attorney-Client Privilege - Mark your email with Attorney-Client Privilege and Carbon Copy your attorney
  • Outlook Auto Complete - Disable the auto completion of email addresses to prevent yourself from emailing the wrong person
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Autonomy iManage
  • Open Text
  • Netdocs
  • All leading document management systems
  • Outlook 2007/2010/2013
  • Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8
  • Internet Explorer (7 and above), Mozilla Firfox, Safari, Google Chrome
E-mail Server
  • Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010
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