Litéra IRM

Maintain full document control beyond your firewall

With Litéra’s IRM (Intelligent Rights Management), you can control 100% of your documents 100% of the time.
Litéra IRM provides full document custody control by putting a security wrapper on documents. Access to documents can be restricted by individual or group, by expiration date and whether the user is online. Further restrictions can be applied to allow or disallow copying, editing, printing and more.
When anyone (internal or external) tries to open the file, the document calls home, confirms the user should still have access, and applies the latest restrictions to the document. If a sender has second thoughts or circumstances change, a virtual leash pulls the document back, making it inaccessible.
The result is that Litéra’s IRM reduces risk, improves security and enables compliance, while delivering full custodial control of intellectual property to the content owner.
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Secure wrapper
Litéra IRM puts a secure wrapper on Microsoft® Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents that defines access control and permissions for the document. The wrapper calls home each time the recipient tries to open the document and applies most recent permissions. Unauthorized use is blocked, even offline, from any application.

Central policy management
Companies can set central policies regarding document access and permissions and apply them by individual user, group, folder batch, matter, domain and so on.

Controlling access and permissions
Access can be manually or automatically restricted based on recipient, domain, or sender, and expiration dates set. Permissions can further restrict recipient ability to read, copy, edit, print, screen scrape, export, forward, save, and/or access documents programmatically. Batch capabilities allow wrappers to be applied to legacy documents to ensure future distribution is controlled.

Easy to use
Sender can easily set wrapper permissions within Outlook, Windows Explorer, Microsoft Word, Excel and PPT, or via a client application.

Revoke access anytime and anywhere 
Access to IRM secured documents can be revoked by the owner at any time, no matter where the documents reside (USB Flash drives, CD, DVD, DMS, etc.).

Leverages Microsoft rights management
Litéra IRM is built on the Microsoft Rights Management platform, but because it calls home it can work outside the company and does not require federation.

Intelligent licensing
Litéra IRM is licensed only to senders, not receivers.

Mulitple hosting options
On-premise hosting option leverages your security infrastructure and investment. It also reduces client and insurance company concerns about cyber-surveillance and attacks. (Private and public cloud hosting options are also available)

Litéra integration
Integrates with your other Litéra products for a seamless user experience.

Oustanding support
Fully assisted install and ongoing support from highly qualified, responsive team.

■  Autonomy iManage® (WorkSite®, DeskSite®, FileSite®, and MailSite®)
■  OpenText®, including DM 5, DocsOpen®
■   Microsoft® SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013
■  OS: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8
■  Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework
■  Disk: 40 MB
■  Memory: 512 MB
■  CPU: 1 GHz
■  .NET Framework 4.0
■  Database: SQL Server 2008 R2
■   OS: Windows 2008 R2
■  IIS 7+
■  .Net Framework 4.0
■  Disk: 50 MB
■  Memory: 4GB
■  CPU: 4-Core Xeon 2.0 Ghz
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