Litéra Sync

Seamless and Secure File Synchronization

Litéra Sync allows users to share digital content with anyone, anywhere, anytime. With no training, professionals can easily give and revoke access, control permissions to view-only or edit, and set up bi-directional file/folder synchronization from the desktop, SharePoint or DMS.

Because Litéra Sync is self-serve, users don’t have to wait for anyone to set up a complicated FTP or extranet. Litéra Sync allows users to no longer guess which files they might need to access remotely and manually send them to their other device or file share. Fully integrated with all the other systems they use, Litéra Sync allows users to find recipient e-mail addresses, clean metadata, or send a secure e-mail without opening other tools.
Litéra Sync makes file synchronization easier than even the simplest consumer-grade tools, while giving you enterprise-grade security, full custody control and peace of mind.
Unlimited File Size
Share any size file, in any format, eliminating the need for costly and time consuming data transfer methods.

Ease Of Use
Share with anyone, anywhere. Sharing a folder allows the recipient to see any files that you wish to share and hide the ones that you want to keep private. Even revoke access to files at a moment’s notice.  

Users can access Litéra Sync from their Windows Explorer, DMS, web, or optional client interface to support the workflow that best suits them. Works offline, so users have access to files even when they are not on the internet.

Multiple Hosting Options
On-premise hosting option increases your control by allowing you to back-up, execute e-Discovery, and centralize control. Hosting Litéra Sync on-prem allows unlimited storage on your hardware without exorbitant fees, and leverages your security infrastructure and investment. It also reduces client and insurance company concerns about cyber-surveillance and attacks. (Private and public cloud hosting options also available).

Share files and set access permissions to shared content on a per user basis. All files protected with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and with AES 256 bit encryption so sensitive content stays in the right hands.

Version History
Track the full version history of files with the ability to restore any previous version of the file.

Mobile Support
Access to files from any mobile device, keeping your vital information with you at all times. Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry keep your files synched and close at hand.

Ability to add your company’s logo, colors and “look and feel” makes e-mail alerts and web interface instantly recognizable as yours. This increases user confidence in legitimacy, presents your organization professionally and supports corporate branding.
Simple Administration
Administrative tools make Litéra Sync easy to deploy, configure and maintain, helping you to manage central policy efficiently.
■ IBM FileNet
■ Autonomy WorkSite
■ OpenText eDOCS and DM
■ Microsoft SharePoint
■ Active Directory

Client System Requirements
■ .NET Framework 4.0 or above
■ 30 MB disk space free

Server System Requirements
■ .NET Framework 4.0
■ Windows Server 2008 R2
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