Thanks to Litéra’s support staff and simple administrator interface, we had an assisted install and configuration, allowing us to begin testing Metadact-e within a few hours.

Joe Hernandez
Information Technology Director
Cotton, Bledsoe, Tighe & Dawson P.C.


Patented server-based document metadata cleaning

We've all heard the horror stories of information hidden in metadata accidentally leaking out of businesses, resulting in embarrassing, dangerous and very costly, easily-avoided issues. According to a survey conducted by Litéra, 40% of all e-mails are opened by a mobile device or access mechanisms such as webmail, and 24% of all business e-mails sent each working day have files attached. We have found that even for companies with server-based metadata removal, 10% of all e-mails going out of a company have unscrubbed attachments.

Metadact®-e reduces financial risk and protects your company’s most valuable asset – its reputation.  This patented, enterprise-grade, server-based metadata solution previews, cleans and converts documents in Outlook, Web Access, tablets and smartphones, as well as desktop-based documents.  Whether a Microsoft Office, PDF, image, ZIP file, or even an embedded e-mail attachment, Metadact-e ensures all metadata is removed, including hidden information such as Excel formulas, PowerPoint
speaker notes, comments, and PDF Properties.

Metadact-e 3.0 Mobile Alerts automatically notify users if an attachment they've just sent needs attention. A link to a mobile webpage allows users to adjust processing options as needed.



Reputation management and risk reduction

  • Prevents the disclosure of client-confidential and other sensitive information, reducing financial and reputation risk
  • Protects content integrity

Save time

  • Admin - “Set it and forget it” with assisted set-up, administrative tools and responsive support team.  Easily scale as needed.
  • User – Transparent cleaning and ability to immediately get back to work after hitting send

Enforce corporate standards

  • Centralized cleaning policies ensure compliance control
  • Automatically convert attachments to PDF or PDF/A
  • Sent items reflect what was actually sent, ensuring accurate records and audits
Enterprise-grade, server-based metadata management
Metadata management on the server offering protection for all users, including webmail, tablet, smart phone, and desktop users.

Clean and convert files
Metadata management on the server offering protection for all users and devices, including webmail, tablet, smart phone, and desktop users. Processing can be seamless and invisible to the user, ensuring compliance and saving valuable time, or it can be configured to give users limited control over metadata cleaning as they send. Fully scalable architecture for any size organization and environment that supports failover (redundancy) and load balancing (faster processing).
Easy management
Save administrative time with quick and easy set-up and administrative tools. Administrators can generate a variety of reports to monitor performance, balance loads and optimize servers. Customizable notifications and email alerts enables administrators to customize the text for notifications received by both users and IT staff about Metadact-e email processing.

Intelligent content clean
With “Intelligent Content Clean,” replace text in Microsoft Word documents that matches a specific pattern.  For example, identification numbers (state ID, Social Security, or National Insurance numbers) can be replaced with anonymous characters such as “XXX-XX-XXXX.”  After processing, you can see a detailed report of every occurrence.

Enterprise-grade, scalable architecture
Fully scalable architecture for any size organization and environment that supports failover (redundancy) and load balancing (faster processing).

Mobile Alerts
Allows mobile users to interactively set certain cleaning options without having to remember subject line tags. Metadacte can be easily configured to send an alert requesting confirmation about how to process alertable metadata. The mobile user can quickly set their options via the browser on their mobile device.

Admin tools so you can “set it and forget it” and easily manage the system
Saves administrative time with quick and easy set-up and administrative tools.  Administrators can also view simple reports to distribute the processing load and optimize servers.

Accurate sent items
Sent items and archived e-mails reflect what the recipient receives (i.e., cleaned attachments in Exchange 2007 and 2010 environments).

Integrates with active directory
Active Directory database leveraged for user and/or group cleaning policy settings, allowing administrators to easily maintain the system and harden the perimeter.

Integration for Outlook 2010 and 2013
The ribbon UI delivers an intuitive and seamless experience that also reduces training time.

Creation of custom policies and settings
Control of individual user’s ability to change or override corporate policies and settings.

Administration choice of types of metadata to clean
Administrators can allow users or groups granular control to override specific cleaning settings and/or exclude documents from cleaning altogether.

User Alerts
Alerts user when action is required (ex: Track Changes are detected and user must decide to send them, a password protected document requires unlocking, etc.)

Viewing of detailed reports via the web
Ability to review metadata detected in documents on the Metadact-e website; see types of metadata removed and number of instances; balance load and optimize servers with simple reports on latency, message size, number of attachments, etc.

Preview metadata
View the metadata present in any document in detail, as well as a summary of the “risk” level of the content based on multiple variables, including metadata quantity, type, and location.

Desktop and Batch cleaning
Clean desktop documents (from document management systems or local folder) individually or in batch process mode using optional “On Demand” functionality.

Returns desktop to user immediately
On-the-server processing, allowing users to proceed to the next task as processing occurs.

Outstanding support
Free consulting services by highly qualified Exchange and metadata experts provided to design optimal configuration based on a fully-assisted installation.  Implementation kits containing user and installation guides, quick references, training videos, and sample e-mail communications; outstanding support staff with excellent help desk tools and fast turn-around.

Exclusion list
Apply specific actions and create exclusion lists for select types of metadata such as bookmarks, fields, VBA variables, and custom properties.
  • Autonomy iManage® (WorkSite®, DeskSite®, FileSite®, and MailSite®)
  • OpenText®
  • DM 5
  • DocsOpen®
  • PowerDocs
  • NetDocuments
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Outlook


Metadact-e Core and Node servers 
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 (Metadacte Node servers can be configured using Windows 7 however Windows Server 2008 R2 is recommended for both Core and Node servers)
  • Internet Information Service 6 (or above)
  • MS SQL 2005 or 2008 Enterprise, Standard or Express
  • .NET Framework 4.5 (or above)
  • MS Office 2010 required on all machines processing metadata
Metadact-e Mobile Alerts servers
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Internet Information Service 6 (or above)
  • .NET Framework 4.5 (or above)

  • Software requirements for the Options for Outlook add-in and OnDemand metadata processing application:
  • Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013
  • .NET 4.0 Framework (or above)
Mobile Devices
Apple iOS 4.0+, Android 2.2+, BlackBerry 7.0+, Windows Phone 7.8+

  • Metadact-e is sold pursuant to a license from Litéra Technologies, LLC for U.S. Patent #’s 7,895,276 and 8,060,575
  • Metadact® is a registered trademark of Litéra Corp.
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