Deepak Massand

Deepak Massand


Deepak founded Litéra® in 2001.  Pursuing his vision of solving the business collaboration dilemma, he has led the company to its current status as the global leader in content life-cycle and risk management with solutions for secure document creation, collaboration, comparison, control and cleaning.

Deepak’s vision focuses on the value Litéra provides to our clients.  His mantra is to enhance document-related business processes for an immediate return on investment, and match this value with world-class customer support.

Prior to starting Litéra, Deepak had 25 years of executive level management experience.  He served as the President and CEO of Merz Pharmaceuticals for five years.  Prior to that, Deepak was at Johnson and Johnson where he held senior management positions, including Executive Director.

He earned Advanced Management credentials from the Kellogg School of Management, as well as the Darden School of Management (UVA).  He was recently awarded the Vendor Thought Leader Award at the 2014 ILTA Peer Awards.


Litéra® is a registered trademark of Litéra Corp.