Litéra is regarded as a world leader in the development of content risk management software. Known for our innovative technology, we invest in excess of 30 percent of revenue into research and development, unprecedented in the industry. Litéra has attracted talent from the top leadership of Microsoft, law firms and technology consulting groups, as well as more than 40 best-in-class developers located in top software engineering locales around the globe.

Technology research and advisory firm Aragon Research named Litéra a “Hot Vendor” in content management, collaboration, and authoring, stating that users will complete more document processes in less time with less risk once Litéra is enabled. According to Aragon analysts, “Litéra offers one of the most robust document toolsets we have seen.”

Litéra protects its intellectual property and our customers’ investment with patented technology that serves as the engine and ingenuity of much of our product suite. With rights to seven awarded patents and several more that are pending, Litéra is poised to continue its growth in the content management lifecycle arena.

U.S. Patents 7,818,660 and 8,136,031

These patents protect technology in Change-Pro suite of products. Learn more about the Change-Pro suite.

U.S. Patent 7,818,678

This patent protects technology in Litéra IDS. Learn more about Litéra IDS

U.S. Patents 7,895,276 and 8,060,575

These patents protect technology in Metadact-e. Learn more about Metadact-e.

U.S. Patents 8,019,769 and 8,219,566

These patents protect technology in CitationWare. Learn more about CitationWare.


  • Metadact-e is sold pursuant to a license from Litéra Technologies, LLC for U.S. Patent #’s 7,895,276 and 8,060,575
  • Change-Pro TDC, Change-Pro for Excel, and Change-Pro for PowerPoint are sold pursuant to a license from Litéra Technologies, LLC for U.S. Patent #’s 7,818,660 and 8,136,031L
  • Litéra IDS is sold pursuant to a license from Litéra Technologies, LLC for U.S. Patent # 7,818,678
  • CitationWare is protected by Litéra Corp.’s U.S. Patent #’s 8,019,769 and 8,219,566
  • Litéra®, Metadact®, Change-Pro®, LDF®, Litéra IDS® are registered trademarks of Litéra Corp.
  • Innova™ and CitationWare™ are trademarks of Litéra Corp.