CMO Suites - Missing the Point (Despite Some Analytics)

Behind the scenes, in the boiler room of every marketing machine, lies a huge pile of Marcom fuel. Project plans, development updates, and many multi-sheet wonder-colored “Campaign-O-Matics” – all in the form of Excel spreadsheets. Forecasts, annual reports, and pitch decks in PowerPoint. Newsletters, press releases, brochures, case studies, and scripts in Word. You can’t starve this part of the engine that runs on content – just as you can’t effectively run a business without data. What worries me is that marketers tend to overplay outside-in data mining/analytics and underplay inside-out content risk management.
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See the Work Flow

By utilizing technology in conjunction with a set of standard operating procedures, we can see the work flow in every way necessary to make certain we have the highest quality and most secure content possible.

Mike Susong
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IRM - The Final Countdown

How do you feel about IRM’s chances for adoption given today’s frequently mobile collaborative processes?

Toby Bell
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Is Legal Different?

Norm Thomas Recaps ILTA Insight 2013 and Muses on Future of Legal Technology   

Norm Thomas
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Litéra News October 2013

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