Litéra’s solutions for finance, tax and auditing professionals provide the control and confidence needed when working with spreadsheets and audit papers, financial reports, income and balance statements, accounting records, regulatory filings and other sensitive, high-value documents. Ensure your organization is protected from unintended disclosures and errors that can be easily missed during manual review processes.

Litéra solutions provide the control and confidence needed when working with high-value documents. Sensitive information is protected from unintended exposure while users can access the tools they need, on any device, expediting transactions.

  • Securely store, access, and edit essential files on all devices, anywhere, eliminating IT workarounds
  • Access to crucial tools such as metadata management, document comparison and PDF conversion on all devices
  • Compare changes to spreadsheets and other documents at the granular level
  • Easily keep track of all versions of, and changes within, pertinent documents
  • Allow internal and external teams to simultaneously work on documents without releasing custody and control
  • Document owner can expire or enable permissions to view, edit, print, copy and paste
  • Collaborate simultaneously on a document, with full audit trail of everyone’s changes
  • Prepare reports and presentations more efficiently
  • Compare changes to spreadsheets and other documents in the greatest possible detail
  • Ensure potentially harmful, hidden or regulatory protected data in sensitive documents are removed from email attachments sent from any device

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