Compare every Letter, Table, Comment, and Footnote including the option to accept or reject any changes to create a new document. Instantly compare complex documents.

Reduce Risk

  • Save time and compare documents with true Content Confidence®.
  • Rely on content integrity and protect your reputation with patented document comparison technology.
  • Readable redlines help you cut through noise and clutter.

“Change-Pro is easy to use, accurate, and fast, and offers a myriad of options
for comparing and formatting your redline document. Therefore, I highly recommend it as an option for your redlining needs.”



  • Selected text from any two sources (such as Microsoft Word documents, e-mail, websites, etc.)
  • Multiple document versions from multiple authors simultaneously
  • All languages, including multi-byte


  • Convert to PDF and/or .ZIP
  • Share results in all Microsoft Suite’s native formats
  • Email original, modified and comparison (redline)


  • Compare documents on tablets, phones and any other devices that don’t have Excel with Change-Pro Server option
  • Compare documents directly from Outlook or your document management system (DMS)
  • Add comparison capability to your file sharing tool (EFSS), contracts system, CRM, intranet or other systems


  • View the original, modified and redlined document simultaneously
  • Filter, sort, and search the change log to zero in on key changes.
  • Accept/reject the changes individually or in groups to create a new version of the spreadsheet
  • Summary and detailed change reports provide overviews and change-by-change records of modifications

Litéra offers you solutions to answer

Inside Your Organization

Where is the document? How many locations? How many versions? Which repository is the document in? When was it copied, sent, and to whomWhat changes were made? Who approved the changes? How complete is the project? Who is holding up the project?

Outside Your Organization

Who has custody of the document? Can you revoke custody or deny access? Is the file encrypted to deter cyber hackers? Was an iPad left in a taxi? Will the document reach your competitor’s inbox? Are you truly collaborating with partners, or just sharing files? Is the deal room secure?

Protected by one or more of the following US patents licensed from Litera Technologies, LLC: 8,381,092, 8,732,181, 8,471,781, 8,136,031, and 9,047,258. Litéra®, Content Confidence®, and Change-Pro® are registered trademarks of Litéra Corp.