Secure collaboration, simplified.
Retain custody when collaborating.

Reduce Risk

  • Maintain complete control of all documents pertaining to a matter with entire document change history and reviewer activities.
  • Create workflow, assign task, view status & approvals while authorized users have simultaneous access and collaboration.
  • Reduce time, stress and gain full visibility into the project/deal/matter.

Share Your Projects With Confidence


Content custody defined:
All your documents remain securely inside your firewall even when you collaborate with others in the Cloud.

Give Your Teams The Tools To Share Understanding,
Not Just Content


  • Matter, deals and project team spaces are accessible across all firewalls
  • Create workflow templates in minutes, assign and monitor task status
  • Easily control review and approval process

Data Security

  • Patented simultaneous co-authoring allows you to see everyone’s changes on one master document
  • Leverages existing back-end systems (DMS, CRM, ERP, HRIS, case management, eDiscovery and others) to fully enable teams working across firewalls
  • Full calendaring capabilities with bi-directional synchronization to Microsoft Outlook

Project Management

  • Content Custody restricts content download, copy, print and even screen capture
  • Revoke or expire permissions to content at any time
  • Advanced dual-factor authentication and patent pending custody control technology resolves security and identity management issues
  • Restrict access by regions or countries


  • Access and edit content via Internet Explorer enabled device

Litéra offers you solutions to answer

Inside Your Organization

Where is the document? How many locations? How many versions? Which repository is the document in? When was it copied, sent, and to whomWhat changes were made? Who approved the changes? How complete is the project? Who is holding up the project?

Outside Your Organization

Who has custody of the document? Can you revoke custody or deny access? Is the file encrypted to deter cyber hackers? Was an iPad left in a taxi? Will the document reach your competitor’s inbox? Are you truly collaborating with partners, or just sharing files? Is the deal room secure?

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