Managing the changes made to documents, spreadsheets and presentations is a crucial element of your business. Slightly altering a formula in an embedded table or simply moving a single comma can have a profound impact on a financial contract. You want input from your best minds, but keeping track of everyone’s input and the latest document version can be cumbersome.

  • Document Comparison – Benefit from the only product in the world that compares every change to a document, spreadsheet or presentation.
  • True Collaboration – Easily review everyone’s input, in a single view and select the best content.
  • Deal Room – Easily see the changes to your project and identify hold-ups.
  • File Sharing – Track the full version history of files with the ability to restore any previous version.

Extra Words, Just For Thought

Instantly compare every single change that has been made to a document, spreadsheet or presentation and quickly accept/reject the ones you want. Invite as many people as you want to work on a document simultaneously. Everyone makes their own changes but nothing goes into the document until you’ve easily reviewed everyone’s input, in one single screen view, to pick and choose the best pieces.

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