Make it easy for everyone to do the right thing and at the same time complete more work, regardless of their device or location. These are the tools that get the job done, with the security your organization demands.

  • Document Comparison – Eliminate tedious manual comparison and version creation by instantly comparing documents.
  • Persistent Data Protection – Freely share files, from any device, confident that you can modify or revoke access at any time.
  • Hidden Data Management – Send attachments from any device, with no waiting, confident metadata is being fully managed.
  • Document Automation – Spend your valuable time filling in documents instead of formatting them.
  • One View – See every file associated with a project in a single view, no matter where the files are stored.
  • Email Attachment Management – Re-name, re-arrange, bind, zip, and/or PDF attachments right inside Outlook.
  • Deal Room – See the whole project and see the details. Work together, from any device.
  • File Sharing – Simple and secure file sharing with the added tools you use to get the job done
  • Content Assembly – Never waste time locating your best content due to disorganized or outdated storage processes.
  • One-Click Table of Authority – Legal professionals eliminate hours spent manually creating Table of Authorities.

Extra Words, Just for thought

Stop looking through three different versions of a document from three different locations trying to piece together the best input into a final version. Stop even spending time trying to figure out which location the documents for a project are in. Work on a single document, or many, with as many people you want, at the same time, on any device. Easily see the changes and comments others have made, accept the ones you want. Easily log your approval and instantly see the updated status of the entire project.

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