The average professional document ends up saved, copied, and shared in at least 10 different locations. You can reduce this number and gain a more comprehensive view of remaining versions.

  • True Collaboration – Easily review everyone’s input, in a single version, pick and choose the best pieces.
  • One View – See every file associated with a project in a single view, no matter where the files are stored.
  • Galaxy – Simultaneously work together, with the best minds, on a single version of a document.
  • IRM – Expire access to a document at a certain time and date, or whenever you decide.
  • Email Controls – Organize your email attachments any way you want, without creating another version in the process.
  • File Sharing – Simple and powerful file sharing with a complete audit trail of every version saved.

Extra Words, Just for thought

Give everyone a file synchronization and sharing program they will actually want to use. A complete audit trail of every version saved will be the result.

Emailing a document to multiple people to gather their input and then manually merging all the versions back into one is both tedious and inefficient. Find your way to true collaboration.

Sometimes you simply need to email an attachment or share a file in a different file share program. Simply set the file to expire at a certain time or date. Change the permissions whenever you want, for whoever you want and maintain total Content Confidence®.

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