You’ve got a strong firewall but what protects your data in today’s mobile bring your own device (BYOD) environment? Not surprisingly, 60% of data breaches are due to internal user error, accidental or intentional. It is clear that securing the perimeter of an organization is now only part of the equation.

  • Email Controls – Eliminate mistakes like incorrect email address, auto complete, Reply-All to BCC’ed messages and more.
  • Persistent Protection – Revoke or change access to a document any time, great for departing employees.
  • Message Encryption – Enterprise-grade encryption for messages and attachments in transit and at rest, on any device.
  • Large File Transfer Securely send encrypted emails and attachments and transfer large files of any size without risking a less secure route.
  • File Share – On premise, highly secure yet easy to use file sharing.
  • Hidden Data Management – Unmanaged metadata is the easiest target for a malicious attack. Manage it on any device.

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