December 16, 2021

Dykema, a leading national law firm serving business entities worldwide on a wide range of complex business issues, today announced the adoption of Litera Desktop, Litera Transact, and Kira. This is part of an ongoing commitment to innovate and transform the firm’s client-focused service delivery model to provide cost-effective counsel and exceptional value in every engagement. In addition to efficiency and delivering a first-class work product to clients, this investment will also enable Dykema to focus on attracting talent in a competitive attorney landscape.

“Technology is an often silent but critically important player in the delivery of legal services,” said Myka Hopgood, Dykema’s Director of Practice Services. “Our lawyers and other professionals are skilled at striking an optimal balance between efficiency and quality through the use of technology and innovation.”

“Adding these three solutions is a natural addition to our continually growing stack of cutting-edge technology offerings that will enable our practice and increase productivity,” added Ed Empamano, Dykema’s Chief Information Officer.

Litera Transact enables the firm to share documents within a secure platform and collate executed agreements, reducing the time spent on low-value administrative tasks. To complement that, Litera Desktop will help Dykema’s attorneys streamline document drafting. In addition, Kira will enable the firm to provide M&A due diligence on a full spectrum of documents within the data room, delivering more thorough diligence offerings to clients. Kira is also being trained to review Outside Counsel Guidelines, and the firm has plans to roll it out firm-wide, as well as to include Kira’s Real Estate and Finance smart field groups in its usage.

“Dykema selects and implements applications that provide the most value to its clients, resulting in reduced costs, better productivity, and increased transparency in all client relationships,” said Avaneesh Marwaha, CEO of Litera. “We look forward to continuing to support Dykema in its endeavors to provide comprehensive, insightful, and valuable counsel to its clients.”

Litera recently acquired Kira Systems and its industry-leading machine learning contract analysis technology to form a new cornerstone for its Transaction Management platform. As an existing Litera customer, Dykema chose to continue its investment in Litera’s technology platform for its ease of use and adaptability.

About Dykema

Dykema serves business entities worldwide on a wide range of complex legal issues. Dykema lawyers and other professionals in 12 U.S. offices work in close partnership with clients – from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies – to deliver outstanding results, unparalleled service, and exceptional value in every engagement.

About Litera

Litera has been at the forefront of legal technology for 25+ years. As a global leader in workflow, AI-powered due diligence review and analysis, collaboration, and data management solutions, Litera provides legal teams with streamlined technology for creating, analyzing, and managing their documents, deals, cases, and data. Litera’s solutions help law firms and corporate legal teams around the world to work more efficiently, accurately, and competitively, and to provide their clients with usable and actionable information. For more information about Litera, visit or follow the company on LinkedIn.

About Kira Systems

Acquired by Litera in September 2021, Kira Systems’ technology is a powerful, award-winning software solution that excels at searching and analyzing contract and document text, helping the world’s largest corporations and professional service firms uncover relevant information from their contracts and related documents. Kira can be deployed for contract intelligence due diligence, knowledge management, real estate, regulatory compliance, and wherever visibility into contract and document data is critical. Using Kira Quick Study, our no-code machine learning platform, anyone can train Kira to accurately identify and answer a question about virtually any desired clause or data point from their business documents. To find out more, please visit