August 30, 2016

Students of Contract Drafting Course Will Be First to Use Contract Companion in the Drafting Process

Downers Grove, IL – August 30, 2016 – Microsystems, the leading provider of document authoring, editing, formatting, proofreading, and metadata scrubbing software serving the legal and life sciences industries, today announced that effective for the Fall semester of 2016, Contract Companion software will be utilized by law students in a Contract Drafting course offered at Drexel University’s Thomas R. Kline School of Law (“Drexel Law School”).

As part of a pilot program designed and developed by Mindy Friedman, Esq., the Adjunct Professor who teaches Contract Drafting at Drexel Law School, in collaboration with Robert Blacksberg, Esq., a legal technology consultant, Contract Companion will be made available to upper level law students in the Contract Drafting course, which assists law students in the development of baseline drafting skills for commercial contractual agreements.

As explained by Professor Friedman, “Providing Contract Companion in connection with a Contract Drafting course will be tremendously beneficial to law students as a means for improving the overall quality of their work product. Through training on Contract Companion, Drexel Law students will produce professional agreements that stand apart from those prepared by students from other law schools. In a highly competitive job market for recent law graduates, adding this level of ‘polish’ to their work product will give those students a clear competitive advantage.” Moreover, as further explained by Blacksberg, “Contract Companion adds value to the proofreading process, because the technology sharpens a law student’s critical review of a contractual agreement, by providing the means necessary to find and fix errors all too easily missed by the cursory review of a document.”

Contract Companion was designed to help legal professionals draft documents with greater ease and precision to deliver higher quality agreements, while minimizing time spent checking over their work. Now, the next step for Contract Companion is to make it available to law students (and young lawyers) who are still in the early stages of refining and developing these skills.

“It’s not surprising that a progressive law school like Drexel has been proactive in initiating a program to incorporate professional legal software into their curriculum,” said Dan Dosen, Vice President of Business Development, Microsystems. “Drexel Law School is focused on experiential learning and skills development. They emphasize going beyond instruction in substantive legal knowledge to also teach students how to use that knowledge to practice law before they graduate.”

“Today, many law firms have abandoned hiring law students right after graduation because of the costs associated with training young lawyers. Anticipating this challenge, Drexel Law School strives to teach students a more refined set of skills that enable them to produce high quality work product and highlight their ability to practice transactional law immediately after graduation,” Professor Friedman added.

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