May 23, 2016

Microsystems, the leading provider of document authoring, editing, formatting, proofreading, and metadata scrubbing software serving the legal and life sciences industries, today announced the release of Contract Companion. The next generation of EagleEye, the patented industry-leading proofreading software, Contract Companion incorporates feedback from more than 10,000 users to achieve faster analysis, greater accuracy, and improved workflow.

“The legal profession is evolving in response to demands for alternative and flat-rate fee arrangements. Once three-to-one, the attorney-to-assistant ratio has reached an average of eight-to-one. These added pressures to produce more work, less expensively without diminishing quality, have driven demand for smarter, faster solutions,” explained Jason Maeder, Product Manager at Microsystems.

“Microsystems empowers our attorneys to deliver higher quality, more accurate contracts and agreements. The improved accuracy and efficiency we have achieved using their EagleEye solution is so significant that all associates run documents through it as part of their workflow,” said Catherine McGivney, Principal at Roberts McGivney Zagotta. “Now, using their new Contract Companion solution, the user experience is even better and the new Risk Assessment feature saves us more time by allowing our attorneys to instantly determine the proofreading time required for a particular document. This has an incredibly positive impact on morale and our bottom line,” she concluded.

Like its predecessor, Contract Companion has been designed to help legal professionals draft documents with greater ease and precision to deliver higher quality agreements, while minimizing the time they have to spend checking over their work. Contract Companion is on track to exceed the strong sales performance of EagleEye in 2015.

“Last year more than 150 new organizations selected Microsytems EagleEye for proofreading, and with the release of Contract Companion we expect that momentum to continue in 2016. Known for its unparalleled ease of use and accuracy, Contract Companion is the only comprehensive proofreading solution in the market and the only solution with Artificial Document Intelligence that enhances the lawyers expertise throughout the drafting process,” Maeder added.

Highlights of Contract Companion’s capabilities that enhance quality and efficiency include:

  • Risk assessment provides an instant analysis and a dashboard view of the most critical issues in the document.
  • Mobile support maximizes efficiency and recaptures time in transit, allowing users to check documents from any device with the browser companion.
  • Document repurposing uncovers all client-specific and sensitive information, including inconsistencies in content and formatting.
  • Enhanced cross-reference checking allows users to review cross-references with split-screen navigation and single-click fixes.
  • Advanced technologies like natural language processing, multi-threaded server processing, and contextual analysis empower Contract Companion to deliver the most accurate results, finding issues no other product can.

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About Microsystems

Established in 1995, Microsystems is the leading provider of ADI (Artificial Document Intelligence) solutions for the legal and life sciences industries. Leveraging patented technology across a suite of five core products, Microsystems ADI optimizes all stages of the document production lifecycle, improving content quality and formatting, mitigating risk, identifying errors and inconsistencies, and increasing productivity and efficiency. Today, Microsystems supports more than 650 document-intensive enterprises worldwide with industry-leading products and unparalleled 24/7 customer service to satisfy the most complex client demands.  For more information, please visit