Like many others, we were disappointed—but not surprised—when one of our favorite legal tech conferences, ILTACON, made the difficult decision to cancel the in-person event for 2020. We made it our goal to make this event as successful as possible for us, even in this new format. Hence, LiteraCon was born, offering a week-long live stream of events related to the conference.

Here’s our recap from ILTA>ON week.

The Litera Briefing

Litera kicked off the week with our annual briefing, which was jam-packed with new developments.

The biggest news was our recent acquisition of Allegory, a litigation platform that helps teams prepare and manage their cases and case-related documents. With the power of Allegory and Best Authority, we’ve launched Litera Litigate, extending our powerful document management technology into litigation support.

We also announced the all new Litera Transact. Our newly reinvented workspace is more comprehensive than ever, incorporating the combined functionality of Doxly, Workshare Transact, and now our Compare solution. In an era where in-person transactions have been sidelined, law firms cannot afford to stick to the old paper-driven ways of closing deals. Litera Transact delivers seamless, and safe, digital transaction management.

In combination, Litera Desktop, Litera Litigate, and Litera Transact add up to create the new Litera Work ecosystem, which covers every aspect of legal practice.

If you missed it, you can watch the full briefing on YouTube for more details.


Usually, we’d have myriad opportunities during ILTACON to meet and informally chat with current and prospective customers. While ILTA>ON provided some replacement events, we missed the energy of the usual social gatherings, exhibitor’s hall, and networking events. So, rather than just attending the virtual sessions, we decided to expand on the experience by coordinating LiteraCon, a five-day live stream with expert commentary, follow-up sessions, and more in-depth coverage of the conference.

LiteraCon took the place of our standard Litera TV for the week, thanks in large part to our recurring hosts, Caroline Hill and Bob Ambrogi. If you missed it and want to catch up on just a snippet, we recommend the discussion in which Joy Heath Rush, ILTA’s CEO, introduced the winner of the 2020 ILTA Lifetime Achievement Award, Judi Flournoy, CIO at Kelley Drye & Warren LLP. You can watch a replay of that discussion here or catch up with the entire week’s events on our YouTube page.

Parting Thoughts

In addition to the briefing, we also hosted a keynote address with our Global Director of Business Development and Strategy, Haley Altman. In “Bold Moves, Big Opportunities,” Haley discussed the need for companies to take courageous action to move forward, even in these uncertain times, and set out four key factors that create space for big opportunities. After her initial presentation, Haley turned it over to our CEO, Avaneesh Marwaha, who spoke with five CIOs at global law firms about how they had made bold moves and realized big opportunities. We were proud to contribute this terrific discussion and continue learning valuable lessons from this challenging year.

While ILTA>ON was a different experience, we were still able to have fantastic conversations with our colleagues and customers and replicate that familiar post-conference blend of camaraderie, new information, and enthusiasm for the year to come. In a year as unsettled as this one, it was great to revisit old friends and make a few new ones.