It’s a new year—and we’re rolling out several new tools and functions to help legal professionals start with a bang. In Q4 of 2021, we launched two entirely new tools, Litera Create and Litera Review, to help lawyers create more consistent, accurate, high-quality content in less time and with less effort. Of course, we’ve also made the usual adjustments to all of our products, fixing reported issues as they pop up and devising solutions to customers’ requests for new or better functions.

Here are the highlights from the last quarter of 2021.

  • Lawyers spend as much as half their time creating documents, scouring their content libraries for the best versions of clauses, letters, memoranda, and more. But which version is the best one—and how do you make sure you update every piece of information so you don’t accidentally reference another client or include the wrong date? Enter Litera Create, our next generation document automation and content reuse platform that helps legal professionals generate outstanding documents in a fraction of the time. Starting with a customized—and anonymized—template of the type of document being created, Litera Create puts the firm’s preapproved “gold standard” content—from clauses and sections to full documents—at lawyers’ fingertips, with seamless integrations with all of the major document management systems. Users can also automatically populate their new document with client information pulled directly from existing databases, saving time and eliminating typographical errors. Last but not least, Litera Create creates a consistent look and feel with automatic house styling including numbering and tables of contents.
  • Of course, creating a document is just the first step; users may need to solicit feedback from multiple reviewers on any given draft. That leads to a confusing muddle of often-conflicting edits and comments—which can leave lawyers feeling like they need a bigger desk just to flip through and understand all the changes. That’s why we created Litera Review, a many-to-one document comparison solution that streamlines and simplifies the process of consolidating feedback from multiple reviewers into one go-forward version. Litera Review generates an easy-to-read on-screen report that shows each reviewer’s recommendations in context with other changes, allowing users to make accurate, informed decisions about which changes to accept without switching views or shuffling papers. Litera Review also generates an intuitive comparison heatmap that shows “hotspots” with multiple edits and remarks so that users can quickly estimate how long review will take and focus on those sections that need the most attention.
  • Finally, we’ve expanded the functionality of the Litera Compare web application to include an integration with the iManage document management system. Now users can pull content from Microsoft OneDrive or directly from iManage without leaving the Office 365 web browser window. This gives legal professionals the power of Litera Compare without the need to repeatedly download and upload documents or otherwise circumvent the firm’s file-management policies.

We hope you’re as excited about these changes as we are! If you’d like to learn more about the new products updates we’ve applied, click here.  To request a feature that you’d like to see in a future product release, please contact Customer Support or log in to the Customer Center.

And of course, if you’d ever like to see a demo of any of our products—like the new Litera Collaborate—just get in touch.