June was a big month for us here at Litera—we put a significant focus on celebrating Pride Month, launching a series of Litera TV episodes focused on Pride and organizing a terrific internal event. We’re viewing Pride as a harbinger of things to come in terms of how we recognize and celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Why Pride Matters to Litera 

Litera—like the companies we’ve merged with over the years—started as a small company. We knew each other as individuals. We knew what we had in common, and we knew what set us apart and made us unique. We could look each other in the eye and accept each other as real people, with all of our glorious diversity of backgrounds and life experiences. Now, frankly, we’ve grown into a global company that’s simply too big to count on everyone having those personal, one-to-one relationships that build trust and understanding.

We’re also, as a society, increasingly recognizing that our differences should be celebrated. Yes, people are people, and we share much in common, but our differences also matter. We have each had different experiences throughout life because of who we are and how the world views us. Pretending we haven’t blinds us to the value of diversity and hampers our growth.

But change is an inside job. That’s why we, as a company, wanted to formally recognize our differences, lay the groundwork for better understanding one another, and publicly state that we value our differences as well as our commonalities.

Celebrate Pride Month Recap 

On June 17, we held a virtual workshop and conversation to celebrate Pride Month and to educate ourselves about LGBT+ terminology, the history of the movement, and the challenges faced by the LGBT+ community. This discussion ranged from the somber, as we recapped the long history of societies’ criminalization of non-heterosexual relationships and the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, to the lighthearted, with a moment to appreciate fashion trends at LGBT+ weddings in India. We closed with a celebration of the progress and beauty of the LGBT+ movement and an emotional open forum in which community members and allies shared their experiences. It was a time for growth, learning, and appreciation for one another.

Throughout the month, we also addressed LGBT+ issues on Litera TV with a series of Pride Month episodes. Among some of our favorites were:

As we close out Pride Month, we look forward to continuing our celebration of diversity and inclusion in all its varied forms and continuing, to ask ourselves where we need to be open and continue to lead change.