Arntzen de Besche and Nordea Bank Win More Business with Litera Transact


Norwegian law firm Arntzen de Besche often challenges traditional workflows and seeks innovative ways to improve processes. One area it recognized as ripe for innovation was legal transaction managementUsing traditional paper-based methods, associates spent hours manually generating and updating checklists, creating closing binders, and trying to keep stakeholders updated on the status of their deals. What Arntzen de Besche needed was a way to close its clients’ deals faster and with better rates, enabling it to win more business.  



Arntzen de Besche used Litera Transact to reinvent its transaction workflows, catapulting its productivity, helping its clients reduce legal spend so they can offer better rates, and closing deals faster and with more transparencyLitera Transact instantly formats checklists, automatically generates closing binders, and offers stakeholders secure access to checklists and associated documents on demand 



With Litera Transact, Arntzen de Besche saves time and money by generating checklists and closing binders in minutesnot daysIt has also improved communications with clients, opposing counsel, and financing institutions through shared real-time status updates, providing greater confidence in its deals. In factone of Arntzen de Besche’s clients, Nordea Bank, was so impressed with the firm’s service that it safelisted Litera Transact for future use and offered more competitive rates with its use, winning even more business 

Enhance Collaboration

Increase Productivity

Mitigate Risk

Martin Gunnheim, Associate Arntzen de Besche

“Clients always ask us what digital platform we’re using to make our team more efficient. Litera Transact is always brought up as a prime example, and we have the time savings and happy customers to prove it.”

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