Dentons Real Estate Team Reimagines the Closing Process with Litera Transact


The real estate group at Dentons, the world’s largest firm, works with one of the largest bank-based financial services companies on secured and unsecured lending. As part of the standard workflow, the real estate team spent a significant amount of time manually updating checklists, circulating updates through email, conference calls, and in-person meetings. 



The team at Dentons turned to Litera Transact, a secure transaction management platform that centralizes checklists and reporting, tracks documents, tasks and versions, and automates the entire signature management and closing book creation process.



Litera Transact made it easy to manage these complex transactions. The team cut low-value administrative tasks, which in turn helped their clients save money. Now, the real estate group focuses on more sophisticated, higher-value client work as they continue to increase their use of Litera Transact.

Mitigate Risk

Increase Profitability

Enhance Collaboration

Chuqin Xing Anderson Managing Associate

“ Litera Transact helps us cut the administrative tasks of sending emails and updating checklists, which in turn helps our clients save money. As a result, we can focus on more sophisticated work. I also think this makes our clients more attractive to their borrowers.”

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