Downs Rachlin Martin, PLLC Achieves a Higher Level of Client Service with DocXtools Companion


Law firm Downs Rachlin Martin, PLLC employs more than 130 attorneys and legal professionals. Until recently, the attorneys and legal performed editing and cross-referencing manually within Microsoft Word. This was particularly challenging when problems would appear in documents at the 11th hour and their team would scramble to find and correct all the issues.



The firm implemented DocXtools Companion from Litera. DocXtools Companion is a one-click solution that enables lawyers and support teams to quickly fix common errors encountered during the document drafting process, such as numbering, cross-references, Tables of Contents, and general cleanup.



DocXtools Companion enables Downs Rachlin to do more, be more efficient, and deliver a higher level of work and service to clients. Now when they get a problem document late in the day, it is reviewed and repaired in seconds, free of errors. In a man-versus-computer test, what would have taken more than an hour to manually edit now takes 60 seconds with DocXtools Companion.

Cut Review Time from Hours to Minutes

Ensure Quality

Increase Profitability

Cullen Vogelson President

"Not only were we impressed by the ease of implementation, but we saw some critical review times plummet — from hours to minutes."

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