Dykema Leverages Contract Companion to
Drive Document Quality and Value to Clients


Am Law 200 firm Dykema Gossett embraces technology to support its lawyers and meet growing client expectations. The firm had an automated agreement-checking tool to help identify content inconsistencies, but it lacked critical functionality its lawyers wanted, citing it to be difficult to use and, therefore, not used often. Dykema Gossett sought an easier-to-use, more robust, and more reliable proofreading tool.



Dykema Gossett implemented Contract Companion from Litera for multiple practice groups. Leveraging a subset of Artificial Intelligence, Contract Companion is a proofreading software that allows users to review defined terms, cross-references, and citations in documents in less time and with lower risk, right from within Microsoft Word.



Receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, Contract Companion has proven to be the robust, reliable, and easy-to-use proofreading tool the team needed. The IT team even deployed Contract Companion to the virtual-desktop environment so users can produce high quality documents from outside of the office.

Review Faster

Improve Quality

Reduce Risks

Heather Aeschleman Member, Real Estate Practice

"At Dykema, it's our top priority to deliver the highest quality legal counsel available. Contract Companion helps me ensure my documents meet the client's and the firm's quality standards."

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