Graubard Miller Turns to Litera Desktop for Single-Vendor Solution to Compare, Check, and Collaborate on Documents


Graubard Miller is a law firm with a tight-knit team of 50 attorneys. Motivated by greater customer service and innovation, the IT team evaluated the current stack of software and technology and discovered a complex workflow. Lawyers often jumped from resource to resource, spending too much time manually copying, pasting, formatting and reviewing documents.



After 20 years as trusted business partners, Graubard Miller turned to Litera for the Litera Desktop solution. Litera Desktop is the legal industry’s only unified solution that supports the entire document drafting lifecycle, making it easier for IT leaders to manage vendor relationships, software updates, and purchasing, and enhances the lawyer’s workflow and efficiency with one simplified toolbar.



Litera Desktop increases the lawyer’s efficiency as they are now able to access all necessary drafting tools in one place. Plus, lawyers can spend more time with clients delivering value and less time cleaning documents and searching for drafting tools.

Lawyers Maintain Focus on Clients

Access Everything in One Place

Complement the Workflow

Steve Heller Director of Technology

"Litera Desktop gets work done. If you look at the attorney’s desktop now, it’s very intuitive. People know exactly where to go. Litera Microsystems made it easier for our attorneys to find the tools they need by making product icons the same, feature buttons simple to understand, and integrating it all into one, single ribbon in Office and our DMS."

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