K&L Gates Finds Competitive Advantage and Streamlines Workflows with Litera Desktop


International law firm K&L Gates localized its drafting and document management resources based on unique regional preferences and requirements. While beneficial for some, the number of options available made it difficult to scale adoption and unintentionally created inconsistent workflows across practices. The firm was looking for more than a vendor with robust and diverse experience, but a trusted partner that makes their products, practice of law, and the industry better.



K&L Gates turned to Litera for its Litera Desktop solution. Litera Desktop is the legal industry’s only unified solution that supports the entire document drafting lifecycle, making it easier for IT leaders to manage vendor relationships, software updates, and purchasing, and enhances the lawyer’s workflow and efficiency with one simplified toolbar.



Litera Desktop delivers efficiencies to everyone in the firm, allowing them to focus more on clients. Lawyers clean, check, and compare documents faster and easier, and partners spend less time quality-checking the work produced by their teams. Both lawyers and partners can spend more time on higher-value activities for clients. By simplifying supplier relationships, IT managers save time with procurement, updates, and support.

Lawyers Maintain Focus on Clients

Access Everything in One Place

Complement the Workflow

Melissa Speidel, Director of Business Transformation K&L Gates

"We believe Litera Desktop will be the differentiator by giving us the competitive edge to increase efficiency and to better deliver client needs. The move from five separate vendors with a wide array of tools to just one will not only reduce the time it takes to produce our documents in the first place, but also increase adoption of the existing tool set across all our offices."

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