Kramer Levin Uses Litera Desktop to Streamline Their Document Drafting


Award-winning firm Kramer Levin believes in continuously challenging the status quo to drive innovation. They considered the programs and processes in place that support the document drafting workflow, and sought a way that will not only simplify the drafting process for users, but also reduce the time and effort the IT department spent supporting software and fixing “conflicts” between add-ins.



Kramer Levin turned to Litera for its Litera Desktop solution. Litera Desktop is the legal industry’s only unified solution that supports the entire document drafting lifecycle, making it easier for IT leaders to manage vendor relationships, software updates, and purchasing, and enhances the lawyer’s workflow and efficiency with one simplified toolbar.



Now, Kramer Levin provides a single solution that supports the entire document drafting process in one ribbon, displayed in a way that is unique to each person’s needs. As a result, product adoption increased, and IT spends less time fixing software issues.

Lawyers Maintain Focus on Clients

Access Everything in One Place

Complement the Workflow

Chris Brady Associate Director of Training and Document Processing

"These solutions came at a busy time for the firm; but, given their ease of use and how much time they save, it was simple for everyone to see the value. I showed a few associates how the products work at an informal training and they loved it. Weeks later, I would still get requests for access!"

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