McAfee & Taft Replaces Clean and Compare Software Within Three Weeks with Litera


US Top 250 firm McAfee & Taft faced challenges with their compare and metadata-cleaning software. Users would experience frequent errors and crashes which were escalated to the vendor, but couldn’t be resolved. As a result, many reverted to manually comparing documents, and some even skipped cleaning documents altogether – putting the firm’s reputation at risk.



McAfee & Taft turned to Litera for Change-Pro Premier and Metadact to compare changes among documents, then clean and safely share them with others. Change-Pro Premier delivers instant, accurate, and complete comparisons of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, images, tables, PDFs, and more. Before documents are sent, Metadact is trusted to scrub metadata from every file, re-attach the clean version, then help protect the sender from making common email recipient mistakes.



Within three weeks, Change-Pro Premier and Metadact were deployed to the entire firm, and it only took each user 15 minutes to download, install, and run their first comparison. Now, everyone can confidently compare, clean, and share documents faster and safer than ever, without any complications.

Reduce Risk

Ensure Compliance

Complement the Workflow

Pam Buchanan Systems Administrator

"The decision to switch to Litera was easy. Not only were we able to customize the user interface and make changes without having to read an extensive manual, Change-Pro and Metadact never crash Outlook or Word. The team was blown away with how well they worked!"

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