Whiteford, Taylor & Preston Uses Content Companion to Draft Faster and Reduce Non-billable Time


When drafting new documents, lawyers at Whiteford, Taylor & Preston were searching the firm’s document management system (DMS) to find clauses and content that could be repurposed. However, they often got stuck in the process because the content was not organized in a way that fit their preferred workflow. Due to low DMS usage, IT feared that documents were being saved on local desktops – exposing the firm to potential risk and loss of reputation.



Whiteford, Taylor & Preston turned to Content Companion from Litera, a clause library solution that allows for easy storage, retrieval, and distribution of content, from within Microsoft Word and the documents they’re working on.



With Content Companion, lawyers are empowered to build and access their own knowledge bank directly in Word, thereby eliminating the need to spend valuable time searching for content in the DMS or save documents in local folders. This reduces risk, frustration, and non-billable hours, which consequently increases employee and client satisfaction.

Speed & Convenience for Lawyers

Reduce Non-billable Hours

Mitigate Risk

Neil Cotherman, IT Director Whiteford, Taylor & Preston

"Our document management system (DMS) doubles as a knowledge management system in that attorneys can search for and reference previous work product to find relevant clauses/language that may be reusable. However, in moving to a more pessimistic security posture, we are effectively reducing the ability of the DMS to serve as a repository of useful work product history. Content Companion solves that challenge."

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