Small & Mid-Sized Law Firms

Big solutions whatever your size.

Whatever size law firm you are, Litera’s products and solutions are designed to help you save time and money, increase accuracy, simplify routine drafting, successfully manage cases, and get deals done securely, and efficiently.

Make the most of your resources.

The complexity of buying a wide range of products from multiple suppliers can cost firms time and money as well as creating a frustrating user experience that can lead to error-prone work and decreased profitability.

Litera’s document review and repair solution, Litera Check, our document comparison solution, Litera Compare, our full-service drafting workflow solution, Litera Desktop, and our workspaces, Litera Transact and Litera Litigate, make up an ecosystem of solutions that help you manage the business and the practice of law, and allow you to focus on your clients, and growing your practice without worrying about the technology.

Litera solutions help you to:

Ensure consistency across all documents (both in terms of quality and style/brand)

Improve turnaround times to your clients to provide a significant competitive advantage

Reduce the risk of errors in final-form documents

Increase your firm’s bandwidth by automating tedious, time-consuming administrative tasks

Maintain a competitive advantage against larger firms by providing a polished and innovative experience for your clients

Manage your deals faster and from anywhere

Cultivate and retain client relationships by mastering your case and leading it effectively

Take advantage of powerful automation that helps teams prepare better for witness interviews, deposition prep

If you are a small- or mid-sized law firm Litera can help you deliver true value by leveraging our technology ecosystem to gain the most and stay competitive with larger firms.

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