Sherry Kappel


Chief Consultant


Sherry serves as Chief Consultant at Litéra, a role that has her leading and overseeing all global consulting efforts at the company. She is responsible for strategic advisory services, industry outreach, and client advocacy.Sherry has nearly 30 years of legal and document-centric technology experience, having led initiatives in product management, research and development, client support, and global strategic consulting efforts. Prior to joining Litéra, Sherry spent 28 years with Microsystems, where her most recently held position was Chief Innovation Officer. She holds an M.S. in Communications from Northwestern University and a B.A. in Mass Communications from Truman State University. Widely recognized for her deep domain knowledge in the legal and life sciences industries, technical documentation, and document management, Kappel has written and spoken widely on technologies that address the needs, goals and strategies of services-oriented businesses. She is also an expert in authoring applications, document automation, template and precedent management, file format transformations, technology change management, and Microsoft Office systems and products.