We were excited to see everyone at ILTACON and to speak with many of you about the future of our combined company. We have a number of updates on our progress, including Doxly integration status and product roadmap.

1.  The integration of Doxly into Litera is almost complete.

  • The Doxly team and back-office operation is now fully integrated into the Litera organization, including Doxly invoice and renewal processes.
  • In addition, Doxly support processes will be fully integrated with Litera customer support by October 14th, 2019 to give you a wider range of coverage and resources. Litera support is well known in the industry for providing exceptional customer service. The Litera support team will continue to liaise with the Doxly employees you’ve come to know and trust as we build on our shared product knowledge.

2.  Through the acquisition of Workshare and Doxly, we are bringing together two market-leading transaction management solutions. Our product team has an update on the roadmap for transaction management.

  • The combined transaction management solution will cover almost all transaction types and workflows across multiple geographies.
  • The combined solution will be launched in the next six months.
  • We will provide an opt-in path from Workshare Transact and Doxly to the new combined solution.

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