The integration of Litera, Workshare and Doxly is well underway as we head towards the end of the year. We have a number of updates on our progress:

  1. Doxly’s integration is now complete. While we continue to transfer knowledge to our larger teams, our goal is to provide the best possible experience for our customers.
    • Doxly support processes are fully integrated with Litera customer support.
    • Doxly invoice and renewal processes are fully integrated into Litera’s back-office operation.
  2. In Q4, we’re visiting different cities to share information about our product roadmap and the progress we have made. Our executive team is traveling to meet with several customer groups to talk about our focus for 2020 and what an integrated company will mean for our customers.
  3. Our product team has an update on our focuses for 2020 product development:
    • We are focused on the continued evolution of our products to drive them closer together, consolidate technology, unify user experience and administration, and make all products web-ready with open interfaces for third-party integrations.
    • Products will continue to drive deeper into user workflows, and begin to operate passively to find and potentially fix issues before the user is aware.
    • We continue to focus on providing more intelligent results back to users, to allow them to draft better content, reduce risk, and keep clients happy.
  4. We are working on a new combined Support Center, coming in 2020. Eventually, this will consolidate all Doxly and Workshare learning assets, documentation, software downloads, and other resources. Customers who purchase online will also be able to more easily manage their subscriptions. If you are not sure who to contact for support, please reach out to one of the following:

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