Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need to Know about K1’s Investment in Litéra, Microsystems,

and The Sackett Group

In the wake of our announcement about K1’s investment in Litéra, Microsystems, and The Sackett Group, we’ve heard a number of questions from customers. We wanted to share answers to the ones we’ve heard most frequently.

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About the Companies

Why are Litéra, Microsystems, & The Sackett Group combining?

The legal industry, like other industries, has an increasing interest in finding end-to-end solutions rather than integrating and managing multiple products from multiple vendors. We believe combining these three strong brands will create a suite of best-in-class products that will improve lawyers’ ability to focus on what matters: serving their clients, not their documents. For more details on the announcement, please see the official press release.

Is this about innovation or about consolidation?

In software, innovation and consolidation are not mutually exclusive. As long as we focus on our clients, listen to what they want, and deliver what they need, we will continue to innovate and grow. Even as we bring these companies together, it’s important that we stay competitive and continue to win. By uniting these strong, experienced brands together we are well positioned to continue to innovate and be the market leader in supporting the drafting lifecycle.

How long will it take for the organizations to be fully integrated?

The most important part of this combination is to ensure that our clients’ business is not interrupted, and we plan to integrate the companies carefully and deliberately. The Sackett Group will be fully integrated into Microsystems by the end of the year. Litéra and Microsystems will continue to operate independently in the near term as detailed integration plans progress.

Who will make up the new leadership team?

The existing leadership teams from Litéra and Microsystems will remain intact. Staff from The Sackett Group will be integrated into the current Microsystems organization

What will the combined company be called?

A future name is yet to be determined. For now, Litéra and Microsystems will operate as separate entities in the marketplace. Over the next few months, The Sackett Group brand will no longer be promoted as its own brand, and will be fully integrated into Microsystems by the end of 2017.

About Our Customers 

What does this combination mean for all of our customers?

First, we are going to do everything that we can to ensure that your technology needs are met. We also won’t make decisions in a vacuum—we will be turning to our customers to understand how they use each of the companies’ products and how we better meet their needs once these companies are fully integrated.

In the long term, in those areas where no overlap exists across our companies, expect continued support and faster innovation. In those instances in our product portfolio where we do have overlap, we are being thoughtful about how we proceed.

Here’s what we promise:

  1. We will continue to support existing solutions for the foreseeable future;
  2. We will offer a clear upgrade path from all current solutions when new products are introduced;
  3. We’ll announce an updated product roadmap by the end of Q3 this year, with updates following every subsequent quarter.

How does this combination effect our existing contracts, fees, and rates?

At this time, your existing contracts with Litéra, The Sackett Group, and Microsystems will remain intact. Through renewal processes, we will look to consolidate contracts into one and co-term renewal dates. We will be reviewing pricing to align with the combined company pricing, however, pricing in your current contract will be honored.

Who should our team call for support? Will the support hours change?

Please continue to contact support in the same way you do now. We will give plenty of warning of any changes.

The short-term changes make a lot of sense. What’s the long-term impact for us as a customer?

In the long term, we want to change the way you buy document lifecycle solutions. Rather than buying a single integrated solution suite or several best of breed products, we want you to be able to buy an integrated software suite that contains best of breed products. At the same time we will reduce support complexity and simplify the commercial relationship. Together this will give you more confidence that the solutions are meeting your organization’s needs and reduce the management overhead for you.

About Our Products 

How does this affect the products our firm currently uses? Should we expect any changes to any of our solutions?

All products continue to be supported. Customer commitments and roadmaps remain in place. Over time, we will look to use the incredible capabilities that exist across the organizations to deliver product enhancements that deliver better outcomes for clients.

Are there plans to integrate all the products in some manner and should our company expect a greater degree of integration across the product suite?

An integrated suite is the right way to think about the future solution portfolio. We do not plan to build a single integrated platform that has to be purchased together nor do we want to have an unconnected portfolio of point solutions. You can expect strategic, meaningful integration across the suite to happen at a pace that makes sense for our clients as they evolve their document lifecycle solutions.

Our company has products from more than one company in this combination, does this mean we can get a price discount?

We are not offering a price discount at this time. Our prices are set to ensure we have a sustainable base and can afford to innovate. We have made this change in part to deliver on that commitment to a sustainable business model. We need to have a corporate structure and the financial backing to make sure we can be there for all of our clients in the long term.

Will any of our Litéra, Microsystems, or TSG products be retired?

It is too early to say. But we won’t leave you stranded or surprised. As solutions are updated, changed, or retired, we will offer our customers a clear path to meet their technology needs, with the outstanding support and service that all our companies pride themselves on.

What will happen to any feature requests that our company has made with any one of the three legacy companies?

All roadmaps are intact today. Any requested enhancements will be handled in the normal manner for now. As we execute our integration plans, we will use these requests as one input into any product integration discussion we have.

Our company is about to buy a solution from one of the three companies involved in this deal. Should we wait?

In a word: no. You can have full confidence that we will deliver on all client commitments. If you have chosen a product because it meets your needs, then we will make sure that you get it and that it meets your needs. We’d love to have a conversation with you about any specific concerns you may have. Your point of contact has not changed, so please reach out to your Sales Executive, and they can help you.