If User has acquired and paid for (i) an annual license for the Software (which includes support for the term of the annual license) or (ii) a perpetual license for the Software and the first year of Litéra Software Assurance (LSA), a software support and upgrade subscription, then User is entitled to support services as follows:

(a) Duration – For one (1) year commencing on the Effective Date of the license term, and for subsequent one (1) year periods commencing on the anniversary dates of the Effective Date, to the extent User has renewed and paid for a new annual license or LSA Fee for such subsequent one-year period prior to the commencement of the period (each such one-year period, hereinafter referred to as a “Subscription Period”).

(b) Services Provided – Technical support for the Software consisting of telephone, fax and e-mail information and advice, and any updates of the Software generally made available by Litéra to its subscribing licensees of the Software during the Subscription Period (collectively, “Software Support”). Such Software Support will be the obligation of Litéra and will be provided by Litéra or its designee(s).

(c) Requests for Software Support – Requests for such technical support should be submitted by User via use of our Litéra Help Desk, accounts are provided to each new customer, email to, telephone, or fax.