Total Document Comparison for True Content Confidence®.
Instantly compare complex documents.

10.1 Update Includes Improved Native PDF Comparison.

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Reduce Risk

  • Litéra is only product that compares EVERYTHING in a document.
  • Eliminate manual comparison and version creation.
  • Experience Content Confidence® that ALL changes have been found,
    ensuring content quality and integrity.

“The bottom line is that attorneys, patent attorneys, contract managers, researchers,
and financial analysts will complete more document processes
in less time with less risk once Litéra is enabled.”

Mike Anderson, Aragon Research

User Benefits

  • Text and formatting elements.
  • Complex graphics and images.
  • Embedded Excel data, graphs and charts.
  • Corrupt documents.
  • Clipboard comparison.
  • Intelligent Table Comparison ignores structure, making
    content changes apparent.
  • Optional OCR Module for comparison of scanned

Organizational Benefits

  • Compare files, convert them to PDF, then email or share them.
  • Benefit from an accurate, comprehensive snapshot of content files across DMS, shared networks, and SharePoint.
  • At a glance, determine content file versions and when changes were made.
  • Mix and match content from multiple repositories.



Litéra Change-Pro® TDC



  • Convert to PDF and/or .ZIP
  • Email original, modified and comparison (redline) in original format or pdf


  • Compare documents on tablets, phones and any other devices that don’t have Office with Change-Pro Server option
  • Compare documents directly from Outlook or your document management system (DMS)


  • View the original, modified and redlined document simultaneously
  • Filter, sort, and search the change log to zero in on key changes. Accept/reject the changes individually or in groups to create a new
    version of the spreadsheet
  • Audit trail and summary change report summarize alterations
    between versions – providing complete history of presentations modifications over time

Litéra offers you solutions to answer

Inside Your Organization

Where is the document? How many locations? How many versions? Which repository is the document in? When was it copied, sent, and to whom? What changes were made? Who approved the changes? How complete is the project? Who is holding up the project?

Outside Your Organization

Who has custody of the document? Can you revoke custody or deny access? Is the file encrypted to deter cyber hackers? Was an iPad left in a taxi? Will the document reach your competitor’s inbox? Are you truly collaborating with partners, or just sharing files? Is the deal room secure?

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