Intelligent Content Curation and Document Assembly.

Save thousands of hours by empowering your teams to generate documents, proposals and presentations in minutes.

Content is everything, so you should have the ability to visually select and re-purpose your organization’s best content to create high quality documents. Automatically split documents into clauses, topics, slides, etc., to populate a library for reuse by every knowledge worker.

Reduce Risk

  • Eliminate incorrect or outdated content in your new Microsoft Word and PowerPoint deliverable.
  • Generate contracts, RFP responses or sales pitch documents the way you really need.
  • Whether it is a contract or proposal, create documents with speed and accuracy. Never lose your best content to disorganized or outdated document storage processes.

“Organizations in any environment where risk management and compliance is critical, will benefit from Litéra’s products.”

User Simplicity

  • Single and bulk file upload tools available for any user with permission
  • Search and classify content, locally and globally
  • “My Library” stores files used most often by individuals
  • Intuitive content population tools – browse, hover, drag-and drop assembly, document preview
  • Each file can be viewed, edited, discussed and liked
  • Track assignments and deadlines

Advanced Administration

  • SharePoint backend
  • The entire application can be customized for any enterprise, firm, or agency by altering the logos, screens, classification, pick lists and data connections
  • Manage user access, file controls, rights, pick lists, library structure, uploads, etc., in one place
  • Messages can be sent to owner from any user

Litéra offers you solutions to answer

Inside Your Organization

Where is the document? How many locations? How many versions? Which repository is the document in? When was it copied, sent, and to whomWhat changes were made? Who approved the changes? How complete is the project? Who is holding up the project?

Outside Your Organization

Who has custody of the document? Can you revoke custody or deny access? Is the file encrypted to deter cyber hackers? Was an iPad left in a taxi? Will the document reach your competitor’s inbox? Are you truly collaborating with partners, or just sharing files? Is the deal room secure?

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