A Better, Affordable PDF Editor

An affordable PDF editor with all the features legal professionals need – and none they don’t.

Reduce Risk

  • Eliminate underlying text for secure redaction
  • Limit users from printing, copying or pasting text and graphics
  • Secure whole documents and portfolios


  • Quickly open even the largest PDF documents
  • Edit PDF documents
  • Create PDF documents
  • Convert documents or images to PDF format
  • Convert PDFs to documents
  • Convert to PDF/A
  • Create and manage PDF Portfolios
  • Fill and save forms
  • Sign documents quickly and easily
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office

LDF™ License Keys Delivered within 48 Hours of Purchase

Litéra offers you solutions to answer

Inside Your Organization

Where is the document? How many locations? How many versions? Which repository is the document in? When was it copied, sent, and to whomWhat changes were made? Who approved the changes? How complete is the project? Who is holding up the project?

Outside Your Organization

Who has custody of the document? Can you revoke custody or deny access? Is the file encrypted to deter cyber hackers? Was an iPad left in a taxi? Will the document reach your competitor’s inbox? Are you truly collaborating with partners, or just sharing files? Is the deal room secure?

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