Change Pro-Premier

Total, accurate comparison of multiple document types

Compare Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Outlook email text, selected text, and web content. Litera’s Change-Pro Premier legal document comparison software detects changes in the document, including text, tables, comments, embedded objects (Excel sheets, ChemDraw, Visio, etc.), and embedded images (JPG, TIFF, BMP, etc.).

Why Change-Pro?

Instant Insight

Get a holistic analysis of every changed element within your document in a layout that is easy to understand. 

Streamline Review

Eliminate manual comparisons and version creation with the power to quickly identify changes.  

Trusted Accuracy

Have confidence every change was captured, then accept, reject, or flag changes for later review.

What Others Say About Change-Pro Premier

AMLAW 100 Firm Reduces Risky Content Errors

NLJ 500 Firm Compares All File Types

Chief Information Officer K&L Gates

"Change-Pro Premier has become a vital component of our document management processes because it compares critical documents in their entirety, we can better assure content accuracy and reliability and reduce the risk of costly errors. We are very pleased with Change-Pro’s functionality and ease-of-use."

Godfrey & Kahn

"Change-Pro Premier is intuitive and easy to navigate. Our users have benefited from the ability to compare Excel and PowerPoint documents. They find value in having the ability to accept specific changes with the change list, email redline pages only, and compare documents attached to an email."

Want to see it in action?

Key Features

Integrated Workflow

At home or on the go, compare entire documents or only highlighted snippets within Outlook, the document and case management systems, or directly within the PDF, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file.  

Compare Anything

See changes in charts, text, tables, comments, embedded objects (Excel sheets, ChemDraw, Visio, etc.), OCR, and embedded images (JPG, TIFF, BMP, etc.).  

Change Summary

The comparison analysis is structured by change type and quantity, helping you filter results and quickly modify or flag for later.  

Save & Share

Save the redlines, a merged version, or create a new document with the original formatting that reflects combined changes, then print or email.