Our document assembly solutions reduce the time taken to create a first draft by up to 85 percent.

We help firms use their own precedents and clauses to create high-quality drafts faster, and more consistently, than ever before.

Why Document Assembly?

Document assembly enables firms and legal departments to accelerate the production of a first draft, while also ensuring that the most up-to-date precedents and clauses are used.

Firms are under increasing pressure from clients to reduce costs and improve turnaround time. Legal departments are trying to reduce reliance on outside counsel. Our Document Assembly solutions enable both to generate high quality content quickly by streamlining the repetitious tasks involved with the creation of legal documents.


Draft Faster

Save up to 85 percent of time in creating first draft of documents.

Firm Standards

The quality of your documents directly reflects on your firm. Document assembly ensures that your documents are consistent, and in your house style.

Reduce Risk

Prevent mistakes by decreasing the amount of manual entry involved in creating the first draft. Avoid reuse of old documents with potentially wrong or outdated content.

Innova or Forte?

Innova Key Features

Forte Key Features

Innova Key Features

Traditional Assembly Tool

An established traditional assembly tool and template management platform.

Top-Down Dialog

Has traditional top-down dialog interfaces for creating standard documents.

Automate Repeatable Tasks

Apply automation to frequent tasks and drive further efficiency gains.

Forte Key Features

Flexible Automation

Accelerate the assembly process with automation that retains flexibility for firms with diverse and changing document needs.

Knowledge Management Tools

Excellent for lawyers and practice groups who often deal with pleadings and clauses.

Little to no IT Resources Needed

Easily deployed document automation that retains the ability to customize.

Special Features

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Innova Integrations

  • iManage
  • OpenText eDOCS
  • Worldox
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • NetDocuments
  • Microsoft Office & Office 365
  • Cole Valley ContactEase
  • LexisNexis InterAction
  • Novell GroupWise
  • Lotus Notes

Forte Integrations

• iManage
• Net Documents
• eDocs
• SharePoint
• Worldox
• Microsoft Outlook (all versions)
• InterAction (all versions)
• Contact Ease
• SalesForce
• Microsoft Dynamics CRM
• Any extensible third-party back-end