Create better documents, faster.

Forte is a document assembly solution that safely reduces the time it takes to create the best first draft by up to 85 percent. It provides access to the firm’s approved templates, precedents, and clauses directly within Microsoft Word, ingests client and matter information, then automatically completes the tasks involved in creating high-quality legal documents.

Forte helps you focus on what matters.

Firms are under increasing pressure from clients to do more for less; any inefficiencies in the workflow that adds cost or time is an immediate threat to retention. With this sense of urgency, legal professionals often re-purpose documents and templates, then manually find and replace old data with new data. See how Forte eliminates this time-consuming process.

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Why Forte?

Draft Faster

Streamline the repetitious tasks involved with the creation of legal documents and save up to 85% of time on building first drafts.

Maintain Firm Standards

Prevent mistakes and ensure a consistent look and feel when documents are produced in your house style and with updated content.

Flexible Automation

Accelerate the assembly process with automation that retains flexibility for firms with diverse and changing document needs.

What Others Say About Forte

Am Law 50 Firm Reduces Document Prep Time

Maria V. Hutchinson Senior Desktop Engineer at Weil

"Instead of having to wait two weeks for a new or modified template, users can have it in one or two days."

Key Features


Create templates, precedents, boilerplates, and template packs, and make them available to all or specific users.

House Pleadings

Apply firm styles (signatures, names, etc.) to the federal and state court pleadings.

Numbering and TOCs

Define and manipulate existing numbering, styles, and generate multiple table of contents in a document.

Doc ID

Manage Doc IDs with flexibility and dynamically insert or convert Doc ID stamps where needed.

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