Our Drafting Companions combine legal proofreading technology with artificial intelligence to enable contract lawyers and litigators to analyze, review and deliver high-quality documents in a fraction of the time.

Why A Drafting Companion?

Documents are essential to the daily operations of contract lawyers and litigators. A document’s quality reflects upon the integrity and professionalism of the lawyer who drafts it.

Legal professionals with large caseloads and high-pressure time constraints need tools to streamline proofreading tasks and ensure the quality of their documents.

Our Drafting Companions drastically reduce proofreading time and improve document quality, giving lawyers the time they need to prioritize the needs of their clients.


Ensure Quality

Proofread your documents confidently with the only comprehensive solution on the market that ensures the accuracy and consistency of your documents.

Improve Efficiency

Speed up the identification of document errors by up to 90 percent and avoid rechecking documents with real-time updates.

Reduce Risk

Reduce liabilities for clients and your firm by identifying contract language errors, and comprehensively assess the “legal health” of your documents with one click.

Key Features


With one click, review your entire document and view proofreading issues in a consolidated dashboard.

Check Defined Terms, Cross-references and Citations

Quickly review defined terms and references to ensure completeness, accuracy, consistency, and clarity.

Fix Mistakes

Locate and remedy mistakes such as unpaired quotation marks, spacing variations, inconsistent numbering, phrases, and case-specific information

Want to see it in action?

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Don’t just take our word for it:

I use Contract Companion every time I finish a document. … It has made it simpler to pick up formatting, editing, and numbering issues. My documents are tight as a result. The resulting reliability and confidence is immeasurable.
Blake Laurence, Partner – DEMLP
At Dykema, it’s our top priority to deliver the highest quality legal counsel available. Contract Companion helps me ensure my documents meet the client’s and the firm’s quality standards.
Dave Hambourger, CIO, Dykema Gossett
It has made our practice much more efficient. Instead of having to go through a document three to four times, we can use the program once and be confident that we are generating a high-quality, error-free document. Contract Companion almost totally eliminates the multiple-review phase.
Michael F. Brennan, Esq., The Virtual Attorney

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