Patent Companion™ is the most powerful patent application review product available. Monitor your document in real time with tools that enforce patent-specific requirements and track wording, structure and consistency throughout your document.

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Improve Accuracy

Our program analyzes every word of your text to eliminate potential errors and deliver optimal word choice and language.

Ensure Quality

Boost your chance of acceptance. We scrutinized every accepted patent since 1976, and we found the linguistic trends that could dramatically increase your chance of acceptance.

Increase Efficiency

Slash work time and increase your bottom line from anywhere via the cloud. Our precise analysis does in seconds what used to take days.

Included Features


Catch editing mistakes, track article references, and safeguard your application from litigation with Unsupported Terms.


Highlight problematic words with Limiting Language to decrease the possibility of legal challenges and pinpoint every part number description.


Increase your application’s impact with this groundbreaking feature (patent pending), which illustrates the historical usage of any word from any accepted patent since 1976.

Don’t just take our word for it

It’s intuitive and I understood how to use it from the first click. This is the first tool I have seen that truly is valuable.
It’s great for a last-minute gut check prior to sending something to the client. I have my staff use it to check their work before they send it to me, and I use it before anything goes to the client.