The Secure Collaboration Suite consists of six solutions designed to safeguard your documents and empower your teams to share and collaborate securely.

Our multi-layered, content-centric approach to document security makes it easy for teams to collaborate from any location without risk of losing control of sensitive documents or data.

Why Secure Collaboration Suite?

Information security is a core component of transacting business. Building protection into the processes and platforms firms use to create and share content removes the obstacles that impede their productivity without exposing them to risk.

Approaching information security from this perspective empowers your teams to share and collaborate on content without fear of losing control. By making it easier for end-users to work together securely, we make it harder for accidental, willful, or malicious breaches to occur.

Reduce Risk

Safeguard from damaged financial interests, loss of intellectual property, and breach of private client information. Minimize the risk of data loss and security breaches that can cause serious harm to both you and your clients.

Increase Productivity

With the safety and security of your documents assured, your teams can focus on working together to complete critical tasks more efficiently.

Guarantee Control

Advanced file encryption and intelligent rights management ensures you maintain control of your documents with the ability send securely, audit, track, and revoke or expire access.

Key Features

Advanced Encryption

Send and receive unlimited sized files with block-level AES 256 at-rest encryption and high grade in-transit TLS cyphers.

Enterprise Storage

Store your content safely with on-premises Enterprise File Synchronization and Storage (EFSS).

Streamlined Collaboration

View all document feedback in one view and approve or reject suggested changes quickly.

Email Protection

Prevent common email mistakes that result in data loss and easily manage and organize email attachments.

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