AxxiTRIALS is a fully automated, unified eTMF and site investigator portal that allows regulatory document exchange between clinical trial sites and sponsors.


AxxiTRIALS is a web-based portal designed to accelerate feasibility activities and decrease the steps required for site activation. It saves sites time and resources by allowing easy upload of regulatory documents securely and efficiently. Sites can quickly open a trial for patient enrollment.

For clinical trial sites:

  • Decreases staff time required to complete clinical trial paperwork and training
  • Reduces the burden of tracking regulatory documents
  • Provides one central location to upload all study documents and view study information
  • Connects investigators with site staff and study sponsor or CRO

For study sponsors and CROs:

  • Improves communication with clinical trial sites
  • Speeds regulatory document delivery to site staff
  • Supports risk-based monitoring strategies; fewer monitoring visits needed
  • Better data transparency with site tracking and reporting tools at every step

Key Features


Simple to learn and requiring minimal training, AxxiTRIALS can be set up in less than a week. Our team helps you through the implementation process — from infrastructure and staging environment setup, to training and testing, through to system configuration and deployment.

One-stop shop for feasibility and performance

Investigators log in to quickly complete and submit an electronic feasibility survey. Study teams easily track enrollment and have the option to compare their recruitment success to other trial sites or countries.

Simple communication

With our live chat option, study sponsors and sites easily communicate with each other by using a real-time secure chat option. Sites also have 24/7 access to all training videos and documents.

Effortless document submission

AxxiTRIALS offers a simple process for the study team to upload study documents and email documents without having to log in. Site staff will also receive email reminders to complete and send regulatory documents.

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