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Content Companion allows document creation professionals to create and store approved copy and information in a centralized library where content can be easily added, updated and distributed throughout the organization to ensure consistency.

Why Content Companion?

The ever-changing regulatory landscape makes it challenging to create an environment that fosters compliance and efficiency. Professionals must create and share documentation, but are faced with time-consuming and costly workflows as they pull information from multiple sources and locations.

Patients are waiting, and 88% of medical writing professionals believe they could complete submissions faster by using technology to speed up the document review process.*

Maintain Compliance

Build new or update existing documentation by easily accessing approved content to maintain consistency and keep regulators happy.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Optimize the document creation workflow by reducing the time it takes to manually find and pull content from multiple locations and enable the team to focus their attention on higher value activities.

Simplify Content Management

Decrease hassle among anyone who leverages relevant regulatory information by storing, retrieving, and sharing standardized content from one central location.

Key Features

Manage Content

Store, retrieve, and insert standardized and formatted content and ensure compliant content is available to be easily used in the future.

Share Content

Supply content throughout your enterprise to relevant users or departments and facilitate internal collaboration within Microsoft Word.

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