DocXtools for Life Sciences

The fastest path to compliance.

DocXtools for Life Sciences is a Microsoft Word toolbar that accelerates the creation, review, and formatting of your electronic common technical document (eCTD), helping get your documents submission-ready faster.

Why DocXtools for Life Science?

Improve Efficiency

Significantly cut the time spent on repairing and styling documents with this one-click solution.

Ensure Quality

Find all deviations from your standards, even those that are hidden or easy to miss.

Emergency Repairs with DocER

If your document is beyond repair, send it to us! We’ll fix it and return it typically within two hours, with a report detailing what was wrong and how it was repaired.

What Others Say About DocXtools for Life Sciences

Medical Writers Drastically Cut Document Review Time

Leading Biopharmaceutical Company Improves Drafting Efficiency

Pharma Company Document Cuts Review Times by More Than Half

Cullen Vogelson President at Illuminated Research

"Not only were we impressed by the ease of implementation, but we saw some critical review times plummet—from hours to minutes."

Vanessa Kelly Regulatory Operations Specialist III at MacroGenics

"It has definitely sped up the collaborative process. The end goal is always quality control and full compliance. However, there’s no doubt it has also made the drafting process more efficient, and the automatic filtering for inconsistencies means all users can spend less time focusing on the smaller details and more on the big picture."

Global Pharmaceutical Company

"DocXtools cuts the time spent analyzing a document’s submission compliance by as much as 60 percent, which supports our increased workload and pipeline."

Key Features

Document QC Review

Review documents for style and formatting compliance. Ensure usage of approved symbols and inspect PDF readiness.

Manage Abbreviations

List, organize, and modify all abbreviations in one place. Identify deviations from your best practices and quickly fix them.

Improper Phrases

Find and fix phrases that should be avoided. Establish guidelines for phrases, commonly used terms, and date formats.

Drafting Tools

Create tables of contents, appendices, cross-references, figures, and tables automatically and check for approved symbol usage.

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