Microsoft Office Planning Engagement

Litera Microsystems Office Planning Engagement helps prepare you for Office 2016. These services focus on education, training, document analysis and configuration, including:


Our Litera Microsystems consultants will review all the Word File>Option settings that are machine-specific and advise you how to best deploy across your entire user population.


Word 2016/365 Training
Our team will train and educate you on the advanced features that make an impact while helping you prepare for Office 2016.

Document Analysis
Our consultants will review a sample set of commonly used documents to understand the document health, issues and tools that your users need and make recommendations for the best remediation.


PowerPoint Preparedness
We will review existing PowerPoint decks and discuss best practices and potential impacts of Office 2016.

PowerPoint Guidance and Best Practices

We analyze and repair PowerPoint documents and ensure consistent formatting, themes and slide footers.

Risk Analysis Services

If you are concerned about the quality of your documents and want to maximize your investment in DocXtools™, you should consider our Risk Analysis Services. We offer:


Document Analysis
Our team will review a sample set of commonly used documents to understand the document health, issues and tools that your users need.


On-site Guidance
We will guide your trainers so that they can educate your team.


Workflow Analysis and Best Practice Recommendations
Our team will work with your key Word users to improve workflows that leverage key features of DocXtools and Microsoft Word.


Templates and Styles Best Practices

To ensure your global styles are stable and consistent and your style template is configured correctly, rely on our team to share templates and styles best practices. We provide you with metrics on how your entire team is using styles and guide you on how to create appropriate styles and templates. We offer:


Template Analysis
We will review your global style template(s) and style collection to evaluate the health and style quality of your global style template.


Style Application Consistency Analysis
We will review a sample set of commonly used documents to understand how styles are being applied and how your users are trying to visually shape and structure their documents. We will determine how styles are being used and which are necessary.

Template and Style Building Guidance
We will provide guidance in template and style creation. Understanding this key information will help you when you create any new global style template or set of styles.


Mobility Impact Service

With our Mobility Impact Service, you will better understand mobile applications, mobile document collaboration and usage. We help you ensure you maintain healthy workflows no matter what happens in the ever-changing app market. We offer:


Education Session on Mobile Devices and Metadata
We provide an overview about metadata and mobile devices and will cover impactful information related to using some of the top mobile applications.


Mobile Application Usage Analysis Specific to the Organization
We will develop a usage questionnaire to understand what mobile devices and mobile device applications are being used in your organization.

Mobile Application Testing Workflow and Best Practices
Based on the usage analysis findings, we will create best practice workflows for your users when engaged with a mobile application. We will also provide an analysis of these findings and recommendations.

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