Maximize your return on investment.

We assist you with the planning, analysis, configuration and testing of the solutions you purchase. By optimizing your product installation and deployment, we ensure you quickly begin producing better quality documents, saving time and resources as well as meeting your company’s standards.

Deployment & Microsoft® Word Optimization

Our consultants will guide the configuration and installation of your software and accompanying modules, including integration with document management systems. If you are using DocXtools™, we can also design and configure the Microsoft® Word ribbon and backstage view for optimum usability, including:


  • Inserting, re-arranging, removing or hiding functionality on the Word ribbon
  • Adding native or customized command buttons, groups and tabs
  • Hiding native functionality and replacing or supplementing it with equivalent DocXtools functionality
  • Intermixing custom macros on the Word ribbon
  • Inserting non-Microsoft images and icons on the Word ribbon
  • Editing screen tips and super tips across the Word ribbon
  • Replacing Word’s convert to .docx feature with the safer DocXtools .doc to .docx functionality
  • Hiding native Word functionality that is inappropriate for business users (including the Publish as Blog Post or Save to Web features)


Litera Microsystems provides a variety of live, recorded and customized product training alternatives. You can view training options, class schedules and pre-recorded webinars, register for classes or learn about custom training options for the products you have licensed.

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DocXtools Document Analysis

The DocXtools Document Analysis is designed to help you understand the current state of your documents, including their structural health and stability, as well as the client-ready state of those documents. This service helps address your concerns with expert diagnosis and recommendations.

Furthermore, as a DocXtools customer, you will receive advice to optimize your use of DocXtools to ensure documents are client ready, document workflows are optimized and users are well trained.

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