Build Your Brand. Protect Your Reputation.

The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear. — Socrates

Now more than ever, consumers consider a company’s reputation when shopping for goods and services. Smart businesses actively manage their corporate brand as a means of helping to define, maintain and improve a reputation. A single document inconsistency or data breach can have a profound impact. With Litéra solutions, work with the best minds, inside and outside of your organization, on every document, knowing you have complete control.

  • Document Comparison – Never again be caught off-guard by missing a change made to a document.
  • Persistent Data Protection – Robust and complete access control of your critical assets.
  • Hidden Data Management – Hidden metadata can cause embarrassment or worse, affect your bottom line.
  • Document Automation – Professional documents with the consistent look and feel your clients trust in.
  • Email Controls – Eliminate high-risk email mistakes by personalizing alerts and disabling certain functions.
  • Deal Room – Simultaneously work together with the best minds but keep custody of the content at all times.
  • File Sharing – Your trusted logo, look and feel on a simple yet powerful file sharing tool your users will love.
  • Large File Transfer – Encrypt and send large files through Outlook, mobile apps or Web portal each with your company branding.
  • Content Assembly – Your best minds create the best content. Don’t lose it, build on it.
  • One-Click Table of Authority – Legal professionals; be known for always having the correctly formatted TOA.

Extra Words, Just for Thought

A single inconsistency can have a profound impact on your reputation. Send consistent and professional documents every single time. Know exactly what is in every document, even the hidden data that can cause the greatest trouble. Send and share every document you want, with the ability to revoke access at any time. You should be able to share and collaborate with those whose input you value, regardless whether they are inside and outside of your firewall, on every document. Litéra provides the tools and control you need to accomplish this.

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